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Predictive Medicine by Cytomics & Concept of a
Human Cytome Project

cell biochemistry, molecular flow cytometry

Cell Biochemistry Group (1960-2006)
*external link Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried

personalized,individualized,predictive medicine,
cytomics,human cytome project


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  1. Predictive Medicine by Cytomics (references, definitions)
     (Evidence Based Medicine at the Cellular Level)
  2. Human Cytome Project (PDF) & Concepts in Cytomics
  3. CLASSIF1 Individualized Disease Outcome Prediction
      (PDF) (Unsupervized Data Pattern Classification)
  4. CyTOF Data Analysis: Discrimination or Correlation ?
  5. Cell Function in Cytomics (Functional Cytomics)
  6. History Flow Cytometry & Cytomics Martinsried,
      (DGfZ 20/30years)
  7. Publications, Early Flow Cytometry,
      Martinsried Flow Cytometry Courses
  8. Cytometry on the Internet (CytoRelay)

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