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Off-Line Internet: A Timesaver


1. Installation

- The (Cell Biochemistry) and the (CytoRelay) files are
- downloaded via the Download link at the bottom of the Cell Biochemistry or CytoRelay frontpages into a preestablished directory for example: d:\classimed.
- and unzipped into this directory.
- The Cell Biochemistry or CytoRelay front pages are then addressed in the browser URL box by:
- Both off-line URLs are stored as bookmarks for later use.

2. Background
2.1 Off-Line Internet Concept

- Internet browsers are capable of addressing off-line HTML files on hard disks (1) or CD-ROMS (2) besides the usual on-line locations (links). This feature may be used to configure HTML files for on-line use as well as for off-line display from computer hard disks or CD-ROMs.
- Files of both websites are localized for this purpose in the same directory. Off-line calling commands require the directory tree for the front page display, while all subsequent pages are addressed only by their file name like:
<a href="cellclas.html">Individualized Prediction </a> or: <a href="classif1.html">Medical Bioinformatics</a>

2.2 Realisation

- The files of the Cell Biochemistry and CytoRelay websites are unzipped into the same directory. The respective front page is addressed
   off-line by the bookmarks:
   file:///d:/classimed/cellbio.html and file:///d:/classimed/cytorel.html
   and on-line by: and

4. Literature References

1. G.Valet, M.Valet, J.P.Robinson: Off-Line Internet: A Timesaver for slow WWW-Sessions. Cytometry Suppl.8 105,(1996)
2. J.P.Robinson, S.Kelley, G.Valet: CD-ROM Electronic Distribution for Cytometry. Cytometry Suppl.8 106,(1996)

Off-line Internet, a time saver !

Download the ZIP file containing all CytoRelay pages for example into directory: d:\classimed\, unzip into the same directory, enter the address: file:///d:/classimed/cytorel.html into the URL field of the Internet browser to directly access text & figures on your harddisk free of network delays (further information).

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