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Predictive Medicine by Cytomics & Concept of a
Human Cytome Project

cell biochemistry, molecular flow cytometry, image cytometry

former: Cell Biochemistry Group
*external link Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried

personalized,individualized,predictive medicine,
cytomics,human cytome project


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  1. Predictive Medicine by Cytomics (references)
     (Evidence Based Medicine at the Cellular Level)
  2. Human Cytome Project (PPT) & Concepts in Cytomics
  3. Medical Bioinformatics in Cytomics (PPT)
     (Data Analysis in Flow Cytometry, Data Pattern Classification)
  4. Cell Function in Cytomics (Methods in Functional Cytomics)
  5. History of Flow Cytometry: Cytomics at Martinsried, 20 years DGfZ (PPT),(PDF)
  6. Cytometry on the Internet (CytoRelay)

Off-line Internet, a time saver !

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