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CLASSIF1 Data Pattern Classification

Overtraining in Competition Cyclists (Lymphocyte Membrane Antigens)
Cyclist Sample Histograms

- The graphic output of the CLASSIF1 procedure CLSCYCLI comprises five FSC/SSC and FSC/FITC plots respectively for the CD19/0, CD45RO/CD4, CD45RO/CD8, CD3/HLA-DR, CD3/CD16 measurements.


FSC/SSC histograms


FITC/PE histograms

- The histograms are standardized to the maximum logarithmic histogram channel contents with subsequent plotting of contour lines in 10% steps of the logarithmic channel contents downwards, providing respectively 3 contourlines for the 1.000-100 cells/channel (yellow), for the 99-10 cells/channel (red) and 9-1 cells/channel (blue) ranges.

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