Contents of recent Issues of Analytical Cellular Pathology

Contents of Volume 16, Issue(s) 1, 1998

G.A. Losa and R. Graber
Apoptotic cell death and the proliferative capacity of human breast cancers pp. 1-10

A.G.J.M. Hanselaar, N. Poulin, M.M.M. Pahlplatz, D. Garner,C. MacAulay, J. Matisic, J. LeRiche and B. Palcic
DNA-cytometry of progressive and regressive cervical intraepithelial neoplasia pp. 11-27

P. Ranefall, K. Wester and E. Bengtsson
Automatic quantification of immunohistochemically stained cellnuclei using unsupervised image analysis pp. 29-43

J.M. Lopes, E. Hannisdal, B. Bjerkehagen, Ø.S. Bruland,H.E. Danielsen, E.O. Pettersen, M. Sobrinho-Simõesand J.M. Nesland
Synovial sarcoma. Evaluation of prognosis with emphasis on thestudy of DNA ploidy and proliferation (PCNA and Ki-67) markers pp. 45-62

Contents of Volume 16, Issue(s) 2, 1998

H. Schulerud, G.B. Kristensen, K. Liestøl, L. Vlatkovic, A. Reith,F. Albregtsen and H.E. Danielsen
A review of caveats in statistical nuclear image analysis pp. 63-82

V. Corletto, P. Verderio, R. Giardini, S. Cipriani, S. Di Palma andF. Rilke
Evaluation of residual cellularity and proliferation on preoperativelytreated breast cancer: A comparison between image analysis andlight microscopy analysis pp. 83-93

V. Enchev and M. Vukov
Various statistical methods in use for evaluating human malignant gastric specimens pp. 95-100

O. Ferrer-Roca, J.A. Pérez-Gómez, J.C. Cigudosa, E. Gómez and M. Estévez
Genetic heterogeneity of benign thyroid lesions pp. 101-110

Cellular Proliferation in Cancer. Fifth International Workshop onApplications of AgNORs in Pathology, Immunohistochemistry andImage Processing; September 19-21, 1997, Zaragoza, Spain pp. 111-123

Contents of Volume 16, Issue(s) 3, 1998

T. Yamaguchi, M. Shindoh, A. Amemiya, N. Inoue, M. Kawamura, H. Sakaoka, M. Inoue and K. Fujinaga
Detection of human papillomavirus type 2 related sequence in oral papilloma pp. 125-130

L. Andersen, L. Kayser, N. Keiding and J. Thomsen
A morphometric analysis of nucleoli in cultured carcinoma cells ofthe human thyroid pp. 131-140

S.E. Baldus, T.K. Zirbes, I.-C. Weidner, U. Flucke, E. Dittmar,J. Thiele and H.P. Dienes
Comparative quantitative analysis of macrophage populationsdefined by CD68 and carbohydrate antigens in normal andpathologically altered human liver tissue pp. 141-150

L. Escribano, A. Orfao, J. Villarrubia, B. D´ıaz-Agust´ın, C. Cerveró, A. Rios, J.L. Velasco, J. Ciudad, J.L. Navarro and J.F. San Miguel
Immunophenotypic characterization of human bone marrow mast cells. A flow cytometric study of normal and pathological bonemarrow samples pp. 151-159

C. François, M. Remmelink, M. Petein, R. van Velthoven, A. Danguy, E. Wespes, I. Salmon, R. Kiss and C. Decaestecker
The chromatin pattern of cell nuclei is of prognostic value for renal cell carcinomas pp. 161-175

H.G. Hagedorn, J. Tübel, I. Wiest and A.G. Nerlich
In situ apoptotic and proliferation index in laryngeal squamous cellcarcinomas pp. 177-184

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