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    Volume 10, 1996

    Research papers
    M.G. Fleming
    Design of a high resolution image cytometer with open software architecture
    p.1 - 11
    O. Ferrer Roca, S. Pitti, A.D. Cardama, S. Markidou, C. Maeso, A. Ramos, H. Coen
    Factors influencing distant tele-evaluation in cytology, pathology, conventional radiology and mammography
    p.13 - 24
    K. Sutherland, I.A. Goodbrand, J.E. Bell, J.W. Ironside
    Objective quantification of prion protein in spinal cords of cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
    p.25 - 35
    J. Smolle, R. Hofmann-Wellenhof, R. Fink-Puches
    Cellular invasion without cellular motility in a stochastic growth model
    p.37 - 43
    M. Remmelink, 1. Salmon, D. Goldschmidt, C. Decaestecker, M. Petein, J.-L. Pasteels, R. Kiss
    The value of nuclear DNA and texture analysis by digital image processing in the diagnosis of lipomatous and leiomyomatous tumours
    p.45 - 58
    Clinical paper
    H. Weiß, M. Görlich, J. Frege, A. Granetzny, B. Streller, U. Nitschke, U. Weiher
    Cytokinetic investigations in human breast cancer by flow cytometrically recorded DNA/protein distributions
    p.59 - 72
    Instructions to Authors p.73 - 74
    Research paper
    M.-T. Chateau, C. Ginestier-Verne, J. Chiesa, R. Caravano, I.P. Bureau
    Dimethyl sulfoxide-induced apoptosis in human leukemic U937 cells
    p.75 - 84
    Clinical papers
    F. Theissig, J.P.A. Baak, L. Schuurmans, G. Haroske, W. Meyer, K.D. Kunze
    'Blind' multicenter evaluation of the prognostic value of DNA image cytometric and morphometric features in invasive breast cancer
    p.85 - 99
    G. Mazzini, M. Danova, C. Ferrari, M. Giordano, P. Dionigi, A. Riccardi
    Cell proliferation and ploidy of human solid tumours: methodological experience with in vivo bromodcoxyuridine and DNA flow cytometry
    p.101 - 113
    A.I.M. van Aspert van Erp, A.E. van't Hof Grootenboer, G. Brugal, G.P. Vooijs
    Endocervical columnar cell intraepithelial neoplasia (ECCIN). 3. Interobserver variability in feature use
    p.115 - 135
    Technical papers
    E. Prosperi, C. Negri, G. Bottiroli, G.C.B.A. Ricotti
    Immunocytometric determination of the a and ,8 isoforms of human DNA topoisomerase II: influence of different fixatives
    p.137 - 148
    A. Tannapfd, R. Kuhn, H. Keáler, C. Wittekind
    Expression of c-erbB2 oncogene product in different tumours and its standardised evaluation
    p.149 - 160
    Book reviews p.161 - 162
    Abstracts p.163 - 227
    Clinical paper
    S. Haywood, I.C. Fuentealba, J. Foster, G. Ross
    Pathobiology of copper-induced injury in Bedlington terriers: ultrastructural and microanalytical studies
    p.229 - 241
    Technical papers
    J. Petriz, D. Tugues, J. Garcia-Lopez
    Relevance of forward scatter and side scatter in aneuploidy detection by flow cytometry
    p.243 - 252
    H.P. Kujari, Y.U. Collan
    Section thickness and mitotic counts in ovarian mucinous carcinoma. Methodological study with scanning confocal microscopy
    p.253 - 262
    C. Decaestecker, M. Petein, R. van Velthoven, T. Janssen, G. Raviv, J.L. Pasteels, C. Schulman, P. Van Ham. R. Kiss
    The computer-assisted microscope analysis of feulgen-stained nuclei linked to a supervised learning algorithm as an aid to prognosis assessment in invasive transitional bladder cell carcinomas
    p.263 - 280
    Letter to the Editor
    J. Gaillard. G. Jung. E. Maire, A. Chomik, S. Jacquey
    3-D representation of cell surface antigens for helper Iymphocytes
    p.281 - 286
    Volume contents p.287 - 288
    Author index p.289 - 290
    Subject index p.291 - 292

    Volume 11, 1996

    Research papers
    F. Giroud, B. Delage, 1.-D. Monet, G. Chancel, M.-J. Cals, O.G. Ekindjian
    Methodological considerations on Feulgen-staining applied to cells in primoculture: the model of osteoarthritic synovial cells
    p.1 - 12
    J. Palmari, N. Teysseire, C. Dussert, D. Raoult
    Image cytometry and topographical analysis of proliferation of endothelial cells in vitro during Bartonella (Rochalimaea) infection
    p.13 - 30
    J. Thiele, T. Zirbes, H.M. Kvasnicka, N. Niederle, J. Dammasch, M. Schmidt, R. Windecker, L.D. Leder, V. Diehl, R. Fischer
    Interferon therapy, but not busulfan restores normal-sized megakaryopoiesis in CML - comparative histo- and immunomorphometric study
    p.31 - 42
    P.E.J. van Erp, J.B.M. Boezernan, P.P.T. Brons
    Cell cycle kinetics in normal human skin by in vivo administration of iododeoxyuridine and application of a differentiation marker - implications for cell cycle kinetics in psoriatic skin
    p.43 - 54
    A. Brockhoff, E. Endl, W. Minuth, F. Hofstädter, R. Knüchel
    Options of flow cytometric three-colour DNA measurements to quantitate EGFR in subpopulations of human bladder cancer
    p.55 - 70
    Announcements p.71 - 72
    Clinical Papers
    A.J.M. van Aspert van Erp, A.E. van't Hof Grootenboer, G. Brugal, G.P. Vooijs
    Individual use of cytomorphologic characteristics in the diagnosis of endocervical columnar cell abnormalities: Selection of preferred features with help of the 'NAVIGATOR' microscope
    p.73 - 95
    P. Verderio, V. Corletto, P. Boracchi, M. Gambacorta, R. Giardini
    Evaluation of the reproducibility of Auer's classification of DNA histogram in breast carcinoma
    p.97 - 106
    A. Faranda. R. Silvestrini. S. Canova, A. Costa
    Image analysis for the evaluation of pS3 expression in human cancers
    p.107 - 113
    Research Papers
    C. Ginestier-Verne, M.-T. Chateau, J.P. Bureau
    Implication of tyrosine kinases and protein kinase C in dimethyl sulfoxide-induced apoptosis
    p.115 - 126
    A.S. Bustamante, M.A. Guervos, J.R. de los Toyos, F. Dolbeare, A. Sampedro
    Comparative flow cytometric analysis of DNA-bound PCNA and DNA content as estimators of S-phase cells in cell cultures
    p.127 - 136
    Announcements p.137 - 138
    Publisher's Note p.139
    Clinical Papers
    J. Thiele, T.K. Zirbes, H.P. Bertsch, B.R. Titius, J. Lorenzen, R. Fischer
    AlDS-related bone marrow lesions—myelodysplastic features or predominant inflammatoryreactive changes (HlV-myelopathy)? A comparative morphometric study by immunohistochemistry with special emphasis on apoptosis and PCNA-labeling
    p.141 - 157
    Research Papers
    T. Mairinger, A. Gschwendtner
    Comparison of different mathematical algorithms to correct DNA-histograms obtained by measurements on thin liver tissue sections
    p.159 - 171
    H. Radford, A.P. Wilson
    A comparison of immunohistochemical staining of human cultured mesothelial cells and ovarian tumour cells using epithelial and mesothelial cell markers
    p.173 - 182
    G. Bigras, R. Marcelpoil, E. Brambilla, G. Brugal
    Interest of targeting AgNORs measurement in cycling cells: in vivo cell kinetic evaluation ot~ nonsmall cell lung cancer
    p.183 - 198
    A. Maiorana, V. Cavallari, A. Bagni, A.F. Ussia, M.C. Maiorana, R.A. Fano
    Nuclear areas in breast cancer: relationship with estrogen and progesterone receptor expression
    p.199 - 209
    Volume contents p.211 - 212
    Author index p.213 - 214
    Subject index p.215 - 216

    Volume 12, 1996

    X. Lu, T. Stallmach, J.-O. Gebbers
    Image cytometric DNA analysis of adrenocortical neoplasms as a prognostic parameter: A clinico-pathologic study of 13 patients
    p.1 - 11
    F.B.J.M. Thunnissen, I.O. Ellis, U. Jtting
    Interlaboratory comparison of DNA image analysis p.13 - 24
    M. Remmelink, I. Salmon, D. Goldschmidt, C. Decaestecker, E. Nemec, J.-V. Berthe, M. Petein, J.-L. Pasteels, R. Kiss
    Quantitative measurements of desmin and vimentin immunostains and cell density in leiomyomas and leiomyosarcomas
    p.25 - 44
    Letters to the Editor
    E. Kahn, J. Hotmar, F. Frouin, M. Di Paola, J.-P. Bazin, R. Di Paola, A. Bernheim
    Spectral and dynamic confocal fluorescence characterization of cytogenetic preparations
    p.45 - 56
    Letter to the Editor J.A. Lynn p.57 - 60
    D. Ofner, A. Grothaus, B. Riedmann, P. Larcher, H. Maier, A. Bankfalvi, K.W. Schmid
    MIBI in colorectal carcinomas: its evaluation by three different methods reveals lack of prognostic significance
    p.61 - 70
    H. Takahashi, S. Fujita, Y. Shibata, N. Tsuda, H. Okabe
    Expression of heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) and EBV latent membrane protein I (LMPI) in Reed-Sternberg cells of Hodgkin's disease
    p.71 - 83
    M. Garcia-Bonafe, A. Moragas
    Differential diagnosis of malignant and reactive cells from serous effusions: image and texture analysis study
    p.85 - 98
    L. Sunde, B. Mogensen, S. Olsen, V. Nielsen, I. Jarle Christensen, L. Bolund
    Flow cytometric DNA analyses of 105 fresh hydatidiform moles, with correlations to prognosis
    p.99 - 114
    D.W. Visscher, D. S.Gingrich, J. Buckley, P. Tabaczka, J.D. Crissman
    Cell cycle analysis of normal, atrophic, and hyperplastic breast epithelium using two-color multiparametric flow cytometry
    p.115 - 124
    Clinical papers
    J. Wennerberg, B. Baldetorp, P. Wahlberg, U.K. Zatterstrom
    Flow cytometry analysis of malignant tumors of the head and neck - differences between two methods in the recognition of aneuploidy
    p.125 - 136
    F.A. Carey, E. Gray, M. O'Mahony, S.R. Craig, M. Salto-Tellez, D. Lamb
    A comparison of flow and image DNA cytometry in prediction of patient prognosis in surgically resected small cell lung cancer
    p.137 - 143
    Research papers
    H. Takahashi, Y. Shibata, S. Fujita, H. Okabe
    Immunohistochemical findings of arterial fibrinoid necrosis in major and lingual minor salivary glands of primary Sjogren's syndrome
    p.145 - 157
    M. Petein, C. Decaestecker, V. Segers, T. Janssen, M. Fourmarier, P. Van Leer, R. van Velthoven, C. Schulman, J.-L. Pasteels, R. Kiss
    Does any correlation exist between the Gleason classification system and the computer-assisted microscope analysis of Feulgen-stained nuclei features in human prostate adenocarcinoma?
    p.159 - 171
    D.J. Hopster, J.D. Codd, P.E. Rose, J.R. Salisbury
    Use of different histomorphometric parameters in the routine assessment of human skeletal muscle biopsies
    p.173 - 185
    Volume contents p.187 - 188
    Author index p.189 - 190
    Subject index p.191
    Announcements p.193 - 200

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