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    Volume 8, 1995

    Research papers
    E. Bergers, P.J. van Diest, Jan P.A. Baak
    Reproducibility of semi-automated cell cycle analysis of flow cytometric DNA-histograms of fresh breast cancer material
    p.1 - 13
    S. Carbajo, A. Orfao, V. Alberca, J. Ciudad, A. Lopez, L.C. Hernandez, E. Carbajo-Perez
    In vivo bromodeoxyuridine(BrdU)-labelling index of rat thymus: influence of different BrdU doses and exposure times as analyzed both in tissue sections and in single cell suspensions
    p.15 - 25
    W.E. Mesker, C.F.H.M. Knepfle, J.J. Ploem-Zaaijer, N.W. Schipper, G.J. Boland, H.J. Tanke
    Automated screening for cytomegalovirus infected cells using image analysis. Comparison of two immunoenzymatic staining methods with respect to colour segmentation
    p.27 - 37
    B. Susnik, A. Worth, B. Palcic, N. Poulin, J. LeRiche
    Differences in quantitative nuclear features between ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) with and without accompanying invasive carcinoma in the surrounding breast
    p.39 - 51
    Technical notes
    M.-R. Wang, B. Perissel, P. Malet
    Simultaneous in situ hybridization with biotin-labeled centromeric and library DNA proves: a useful method for identifying translocations
    p.53 - 56
    D. Trere, M. Migaldi, G.P. Trentini
    Higher reproducibility of morphometric analysis over the counting method for interphase AgNOR quantification
    p.57 - 65
    A. Böcking, F. Giroud, A. Reith
    Consensus report of the ESACP task force on standardization of diagnostic DNA image cytometry
    p.67 - 74
    Book reviews p.75 - 78
    Abstracts - Heidelberger Zytometrie Symposium 1994 of the: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zytometrie (DGfZ) p.79 - 98
    Instructions to authors p.99 - 100
    Research papers
    H. Kolles, A. v. Wangenheim, G.H. Vince, 1. Niedermayer, W. Feiden
    Automated grading of astrocytomas based on histomorphometric analysis of Ki-67 and Feulgen stained paraffm sections. Classification results of neuronal networks and discriminant analysis
    p.101 - 116
    K. Rodenacker
    Invariance of textural features in image cytometry under variation of size and pixel magnitude
    p.117 - 133
    T. Jarkrans, I. Vasko, E. Bengtsson, H.-K. Choi, P.-U. Malmström, K. Wester, C. Busch
    Grading of transitional cell bladder carcinoma by image analysis of histological sections
    p.135 - 158
    R. Graber. G.A. Losa
    Changes in the activities of signal transduction and transport membrane enzymes in CEM Iymphoblastoid cells by glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis
    p.159 - 176
    Clinical paper
    Y. Yonemura, 1. Ninomiya, M. Kaji, K. Sugiyama, T. Fujimura, K. Tsuchihara, T. Kawamura, 1. Miyazaki, Y. Endou, M. Tanaka, T. Sasaki
    Decreased E-cadherin expression correlates with poor survival in patients with gastric cancer
    p.177 - 190
    Research papers
    P. Esterre, S. Guerret, J.-A. Grimaud
    Application of image analysis to the study of skin granulomas
    p.191 - 201
    X.-F. Sun, J.M. Carstensen, B. Nordenskj
    Expression of c-erbB-2 and p53 in colorectal adenocarcinoma
    p.203 - 211
    G. Haroske, K. Friedrich, F. Theissig, W. Meyer, K.D. Kunze
    Heterogeneity of the chromatin fine structure in DNA-diploid breast cancer cells
    p.213 - 226
    S.V. Makkink-Nombrado, J.P.A. Baak, L. Schuurmans, J.-W. Theeuwes, T. van der Aa
    Quantitative immunohistochemistry using the CAS 200/486 image analysis system in invasive breast carcinoma: a reproducibility study
    p.227 - 245
    L. De Santis, F. Mangili, 1. Sassi, M. Di Rocco, C. Rossi, A. Cantaboni
    Flow cytometric analysis of c-myc oncoprotein in non-small-cell lung carcinoma: comparison with immunohistochemical results
    p.247 - 257
    J.l. Paz-Bouza, M. Abad, A. Orfao, C. Garcia, J. Ciudad, A. Lopez, A. Bullon
    Flow cytometric DNA analysis of fine-needle aspirates of prostatic benign lesions
    p.259 - 264
    Corrigendum p.265
    Research papers
    D.W. Visscher, P. Sochacki, S. Ottosen, S. Wykes, I.D. Crissman
    Assessment and significance of diploid-range epithelial populations in DNA aneuploid breast carcinomas using multi-parametric flow cytometry
    p.267 - 277
    W. Malkusch, A. Hellinger, M. Konerding, J. Bruch, U. Obertacke
    Morphometry of experimental lung contusion: An improved quantitative method
    p. 279 - 286
    C. Bergström, S. Emdin, G. Roos, R. Stenling
    DNA content in colorectal carcinoma: a flow cytometric study of the epithelial fraction
    p.287 - 295
    R.J. Sokol, G. Hudson, J.M. Wales, D.l. Goldstein, N.T. Iames
    Abnormalities of esterase and glycogen in developing macrophages in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: A quantitative cytochemical study
    p.297 - 306
    D. Spina, M.T. del Vecchio, L. Leoncini, C. Vindigni, C. Minacci, G. Valente, G. Palestro, P. Tosi
    Primary gastric Iymphomas (MALTomas): a nuclear image analysis comparison with lymph node monocytoid B-cells and marginal zones of spleen and Peyer's patches
    p.307 - 321
    K. Sasaki, A. Kurose, N. Uesugi, T. Sugai
    Intratumoral regional heterogeneity of DNA ploidy patterns in colorectal carcinomas
    p.323 - 330
    M. Yamakawa, K. Yamada, H. Orui, T. Tsuge, T. Ogata, M. Dobashi, Y. Imai
    Immunohistochemical analysis of dendritic/Langerhans cells in thyroid carcinomas
    p.331 - 343
    Clinical paper
    E. Jagers, M. De Brabander, A. Baisier, I. De Cree, H. Verhaegen, W. Verbiest, P. Stoffels
    A simple and rapid flow cytometric method to measure lymphocyte activation in HIV+ subjects. Diminished response to pokeweed mitogen in early disease
    p.345 - 355
    Erratum p.357 - 358
    Volume contents p.359 - 360
    Author index p.361 - 363
    Subject index p.365 - 366

    Volume 9, 1995

    Invited paper
    G. Haroske, W. Meyer, F. Theissig, K.D. Kunze
    Increase of precision and accuracy of DNA cytometry by correcting diffraction and glare errors
    p.1 - 12
    Research papers
    M.S. Santisteban, G. Brugal
    Fluorescence image analysis of the MCF-7 cycle related changes in chromatin texture. Differences between AT- and GC-rich chromatin
    p.13 - 28
    A.Gschwendtner, T. Mairinger
    How thick is your section? The influence of section thickness on DNA-cytometry on histological sections
    p.29 - 37
    B. de Campos Vidal, M.L.S. Mello
    Re-evaluating the AgNOR staining response in Triton X-100-treated liver cells by image analysis
    p.39 - 43
    Clinical papers
    C.C.-W. Yu, E.A. Dublin, R.S. Camplejohn, D.A. Levison
    Optimization of immunohistochemical staining of proliferating cells in paraffin sections of breast carcinoma using antibodies to proliferating cell nuclear antigen and the Ki-67 antigen
    p.45 - 52
    K. Kayser, P. Fritz, M. Drlicek, W. Rahn
    Expert consultation by use of telepathology—the Heidelberg experiences
    p.53 - 60
    H. Nenning, L.-C. Horn, K. Kuhndel, K. Bilek
    False positive cervical smears: a cytometric and histological study
    p.61 - 68
    Technical note
    W. Malkusch, M.A. Konerding, B. Klapthor, J. Bruch
    A simple and accurate method for 3-D measurements in microcorrosion casts illustrated with tumour vascularization
    p.69 - 81
    Research papers
    L.M. Isenstein, D.J. Zahniser, M.L. Hutchinson
    Combined malignancy associated change and contextual analysis for computerized classification of cervical cell monolayers
    p.83 - 93
    R. Kiss, 1. Salmon, A. Kruczynski, 1. Camby, J.-L. Pasteels, P. Van Ham
    Aneuploidy occurrence in human tumours: a logical-automaton approach
    p.95 - 111
    M. Menschikowski, P. Lattke, S. Bergrnann, W. Jaross
    Exposure of macrophages to PLA2-modified lipoproteins leads to cellular lipid accumulations
    p.113 - 121
    Z.M. Wozniak, T. Bonnefoix, X. Zheng, D. Seigneurin, I.l. Sotto
    Interest of argyrophilic proteins nucleolar organizer regions (AgNOR) to estimate the reactivity of T cell clones against autologous malignant B-NHL cells
    p.123 - 133
    Clinical papers
    H. Takahashi, N. Tsuda, S. Yamabe, S. Fujita, H. Okabe
    Immunohistochemical detection of aI-antitrypsin, aI-antichymotrypsin, transferrin and ferritin in ameloblastoma
    p.135 - 150
    O.F. Roca, A. Ramos, A.D. Cardama
    Immunohistochemical correlation of steroid receptors and disease-free interval in 206 consecutive cases of breast cancer: validation of telequantification based on global scene segmentation
    p.151 - 163
    Research papers
    G. Nasr, D. Schoevaert, F. Marano, A. Venant, I.J. Legrand
    Progress in the measurement of ciliary beat frequency by automated image analysis: application to mammalian tracheal epithelium
    p.165 - 177
    E. Gray, C. Sowter
    The HOME tutor: A new tool for training in microscope skills
    p.179 - 189
    M. Guillaud, A. Doudkine, D. Garner, C. MacAulay, B. Palcic
    Malignancy associated changes in cervical smears: systematic changes in cytometric features with the grade of dysplasia
    p.191 - 204
    N.Shen, C. Souchier, M. Benchaib, P.-A. Bryon, M. Dechavanne
    Quantitative immunochemistry of endothelial cells in cutaneous tissue
    p.205 - 214
    I. de Dios, A. Orfao, A.C. Garcia-Montero, A.I. Rodriguez, M.A. Manso
    Analysis of isolated zymogen granules from rat pancreas using flow cytometry
    p.215 - 228
    Technical paper
    S. Wingren, C. Guerrieri, B. Franlund, O. Stal
    Loss of cytokeratins in breast cancer cells using multiparameter DNA flow cytometry is related to both cellular factors and preparation procedure
    p.229 - 233
    M. Morroni, G. Barbatelli, V. Carboni, A. Sbarbati, S. Cinti
    Subcutaneous nodules in a patient hyposensitized with aluminium-containing allergen extracts: a microanalytical study
    p.235 - 241
    Clinical paper
    H. Takahashi, F. Tezuka, S. Fujita, H. Okabe
    Vascular changes in major and lingual minor salivary glands in primary Sjogren's syndrome
    p.243 - 256
    Research papers
    E.K.W. Schulte, D.K. Fink
    Hematoxylin staining in quantitative DNA cytometry: an image analysis study
    p.257 - 268
    C. Sowter, P. Bertolino
    Histometry and the H.O.M.E. concept: An aid to the grading of intra-cervical neoplasia?
    p.269 - 279
    B. Lohrke, J. Wegner, T. Viergutz, G. Dietl, K. Ender
    Flow-cytometric analysis of oxidative and proteolytical activities in tissue-associated phagocytes from normal and hypertrophic muscles
    p.281 - 293
    E. Artacho-Perula, R. Roldan-Villalobos, A. Blanco-Rodriguez
    Application of recent stereological tools for unbiased three-dimensional estimation of number and size of nuclei in renal cell carcinoma samples
    p.295 - 309
    G.A. Meijer, S.G.M. Meuwissen, J.P.A. Baak
    Classification of colorectal adenomas with quantitative pathology. Evaluation of morphometry, stereology, mitotic counts and syntactic structure analysis
    p.311 - 323
    Volume contents p.325 - 326
    Author index p.327 - 329
    Subject index p.331 - 332

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