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    Volume 6, 1994

    Progress in diagnostic pathology by quantification
    T. Flores, S. Carbajo, E. Carbajo-Perez
    Evaluation of cellular proliferation in human biopsy samples of lymphoid tissue according to the expression of AgNORs
    A.K. Reith, S. Reichborn-Kjennerud, M. Aubele, U. Jutting, P. Gais, G. Burger
    Biological monitoring of chemical exposure in nickel workers by imaging cytometry (ICM) of nasal smears
    B. Risberg, B. Baldetorp, M. Fernö, B. Hansson, L.-L. Mossberg, G. Roos, O. Stal, J.T. Thornthwaite, L. Tibell
    Inter-institutional reproducibility of flow cytometric DNA analysis in breast carcinomas
    G. Harauz, D.K.Y. Chiu, C. MacAulay, B. Palcic
    Probabilistic inference in computer-aided screening for cervical cancer: an event covering approach to information extraction and decision rule formulation
    H. Takahashi, S. Fujita, J. Cheng, N. Tsuda, F. Tezuka, A.-R. Liu, H. Okabe
    Nucleolar organizer regions (NORs) in Iymphoproliferative disorders of the human salivary gland
    C. Lesty
    2D modelling of nucleus location in Iymphoid cells
    H. Steilen, U. Burk, T. Zwergel, B. Wullich, G. Unteregger
    Simultaneous characterization of in vitro growing cells by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and Ki-67 labeling
    Book review: D.Seigeurin on: P.J. Van Diest, J.P.A.Baak
    Quantitative cyto and histoprognosis in breast cancer, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1992
    Newsletter: Working Group: "Diagnostic DNA Cytometry", 3rd ESACP Meeting 1994, Grenoble, ESACP Council meeting, Fourth European Congress of Cell Biology 1994, Prague
    C.-J. Huang, E. Severin, M. Blum
    Flow-cytometric determination of dehydrogenase activities in primary human gastrointestinal tumor cell lines
    E. Colomb, P.-M. Martin
    Testing of a chemosensitivity screening method on sensitive and resistant breast tumoral epithelial cell lines
    J.H. Tucker, J.G. Cowpe, G.R. Ogden
    Nuclear DNA content and morphometric characteristics of normal, premalignant and malignant oral smears
    A.P. Javed, W.F. Whimster, M.H. Deverell, M.J. Cookson
    Distribution of alveolar wall per unit volume in the human lung
    M.C. Colombel, M. Ferrero Pous, C.C. Abbou, R. Vanvelthoven, J. Bellot, F. Spyratos, C. Andrieu, Y. de Launoit, D.K. Chopin
    Computer assisted image analysis of bladder tumour nuclei for morphonuclear and ploidy assessment
    J. Smolle
    Histologic tumour image synthesis based on a cellular automaton
    O.A.N. Husain, E.B. Butler, M. Nayagam, L. Mango, A. Alonzo
    An analysis of the variation of human interpretation: PapnetTM a mini-challenge
    D. Kindermann, C.H. Hilgers
    Glare-correction in DNA image cytometry
    Newsletter: Working Group: "Diagnostic DNA Cytometry", 3rd ESACP Meeting 1994, Grenoble, ESACP Council meeting, Fourth European Congress of Cell Biology 1994, Prague
    Instruction to Authors

    R.-P.Henke, N. Ayhan
    Enhancement of hybridization efficiency in interphase cytogenetics on paraffin-embedded tissue sections by microwave treatment
    H.-K. Choi, J. Vasko, E. Bengtsson, T. Jarkrans, P.-U. Malmstrom, K. Wester, C. Busch
    Grading of transitional cell bladder carcinoma by texture analysis of histological sections
    I.C. Fuentealba, G.R. Bratton
    The role of the liver, kidney and duodenum in tolerance in the copper-loaded rat
    W. Rens, G.A. Boschman, J.M.N. Hoovers, E.M.M. Manders, R.M. Slater, J. Stap, J.A. Aten
    Flow cytometric detection of chromosome abnormalities by measuring centromeric index, DNA content, and DNA base composition
    B. Bertino, W.A. Knape, M.Pytlinska, K. Strauss, J.-C. Hammou
    A comparative study of DNA content as measured by flow cytometry and image analysis in 1864 specimens

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    Newsletter: 3rd ESACP Meeting 1994, Grenoble, ESACP Council meeting, Fourth European Congress of Cell Biology 1994, Prague

    Volume 7, 1994

    M.J. Brito, J.C. Rosa, V.A. Thomas, M.I. Filipe
    Quantitative measurement of DNA content in gastric carcinoma; flow cytometry and video image analysis
    P. Champelovier, D. Seigneurin, D. Bosc, L. Kolodie
    Image analysis as a tool for quantitative enzyme determination at the cellular level: application for monocytic differentiation of the UM-384 cell line
    B. de Campos Vidal, W. Planding, M.L.S. Mello, U. Schenck
    Quantitative evaluation of AgNOR in liver cells by high-resolution image cytometry
    J.A. Hunt, K.R. Abrams, D.F. Williams
    Modelling the pattern of cell distribution around implanted materials
    G. Lizard, Y. Usson, M.-C.Chignol, Y. Chardonnet
    Improvements in visualisation and localisation of human papillomavirus DNA in CaSki cells by fluorescence in situ hybridization, laser scanning confocal microscopy and three-dimensional image reconstruction
    J. Thiele B.R. Titius H.M Kvasnicka W. Rechmeier R. Fiecher
    Megakaryopoiesis in chronic myeloproliferative disorders: immunohistochemical evaluation of endoreduplicative activity by PCNA-staining reaction
    J. Zoeller M. Flentie P. Sinn I.A. Born
    Evaluation of AgNOR and Ki-67 antigen as cell kinetic parameters in oral dysplasias and carcinomas
    Additional Abstracts 3rd ESACP Meeting, Grenoble 1994
    J. Smolle, R. Hofmann-Wellenhof, H. Kerl
    Pattern interpretation by cellular automata (PICA)_evaluation of tumour cell adhesion in human melanomas
    G. Lauc, S. Perovic. J. Dapper. M. Flogel, S. Iskric, W.E.G. Müller
    A non-radioactive, sensitive method for the detection of DNA fragmentation in apoptotic cells (rat pheochromocytoma PC12 and rat cortical cells)
    D. Seigneurin, J. Louis, M.-C. Villoud
    The value of DNA image cytometry for the cytological diagnosis of well-differentiated breast carcinomas and benign lesions
    B. Delahunt, G.J. Farrant, P.B. Bethwaite, J.N. Nacey, M.E. Lewis
    Assessment of proliferative activity in Wilms' tumour
    U. Schenck, G. Burger, U. Jütting, U.B. Schenck, A. Wagner, J. Breul
    High resolution image-cytometric differentiation of hormone sensitive and hormone insensitive prostatic carcmomas
    H.G. van der Poel, P.F.A. Mulders, T.W. Aalders, G.O.N. Oosterhof, F.M.J. Debruyne, J.A. Schalken
    Karyometric analysis of intra-tumour heterogeneity in prostate adenocarcinoma
    B. Mehdi, D. Stacey, G. Harauz
    A hierarchical neural network assembly for classification of cervical cells in automated screening
    G. Burger, M. Aubele, B. Clasen, U. Jütting, P. Gais, K. Rodenacker
    Malignancy associated changes in squamous epithelium of the head and neck region
    W. Frasik, K. Okon, A. Sokolowski
    Polymorphism of spermatocytic seminoma. A morphometric study
    Kimmig, H. Spelsberg, T. Kapsner, M. Untch, H. Hepp
    Flow cytometric DNA analysis of breast cancer by two colour method using cytokeratin labeling for identification of tumour cells
    T.C. Stenersen, H. Danielsen, G. Farrants, A. Reith
    Caveats in the use of archival cell material for DNA ploidy analysis by image cytometry (invited paper)
    O. Pauwels, R. Kiss
    Computerized morphonuclear analyses of Feulgen-stained nuclei from 11 chemosensitive and from 11 chemoresistant neoplastic cell lines
    S.G. Vorsanova, Y.B. Yurov, I.V. Soloviev, I.A. Demidova. P. Malet
    Rapid identification of marker chromosomes by in situ hybridization under different stringency conditions.
    Newsletter: Human Tumor Heterogeneity Workshop, Kananaskis 1995
    ESACP membership application form
    A. Carothers, E. McGoogan, P. Vooijs, C. Bird, M. Colquhoun, P. Eason, M. McKie, F. Nieuwenhuis, P. Pitt, D. Rutovitz, M. Stark, J. Tucker, A. Van Orsouw
    A collaborative trial of a semi-automatic system for slide preparation and screening in cervical cytopathology
    P. Rostagno, 1. Birtwisle, F. Ettore, A. Courdi, J. Gioanni, M. Namer, C. Caldani
    Research papers Immunohistochemical determination of nuclear antigens by colour image analysis: application for labelling index, estrogen and progesterone receptor status in breast cancer
    M.L.S. Mello, T.-Y. Lin, J. Russo
    Spatial distribution of DNA ploidy in colorectal carcinoma G. Bigras, R. Bonneau, A. Dumont Scanning microphotometry image analysis of Ha-ras-transformed human breast epithelial cells
    G.M. Machado-Santelli, L. Mori, C.A. De Braganca Pereira
    Prediction of relapse in patients with breast cancer by DNA cytometry
    Newsletter: Human Tumor Heterogeneity Workshop, Kananaskis 1995
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