European Society for Analytical Cellular Pathology


ESACP was founded on Nov.19, 1986 in Munich/Langwieder See at a meeting of the Concerted Action for Automated Cytometry (CAAC). CAAC was a concerted action within the framework of the European Economic Community (EEC).

Participants of the foundation meeting were: G.Auer(Sweden), P.Benedetti(Italy), G.Brugal(France), G.Burger(Germany), Y.Collan(Finland), C.J.Cornelisse(Netherlands), O.A.N.Husain(UK), A.Reith(Norway), F.Rilke(Italy), D.Rutovitz(UK), E.Sprenger(Germany), B.Stenkvist(Sweden), G.Valet(Germany), P.Viallet(France), L.Vindelov(Denmark), G.P.Vooijs(Netherlands). These scientists formed later the foundation council (1986-92).

The goal of the society is to promote the advancement of clinically oriented cytometry.

The society organised meetings in Schloß Elmau 1989, in Nijmegen 1992 and in Grenoble 1994.

Past Presidents: P.Vooijs (1986-92), B.Stenkvist (1989-94)
Secretaries: G.Burger (1986-92), I.Ellis (1992-94)
Treasurers: M.Oberholzer (1986-92), G.Feichter (1992-94)

The society journal: Analytical Cellular Pathology (ACP) was founded in 1989. G.Brugal, Grenoble is editor and Elsevier, Amsterdam the publisher.

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Last edit: Feb.26, 1996