European Society for Analytical Cellular Pathology (ESACP)


ESACP was founded on Nov.19, 1986 in Munich/Langwieder See at a meeting of the Concerted Action for Automated Cytometry (CAAC). CAAC was a concerted action within the framework of the European Economic Community (EEC).
Participants of the foundation meeting were: G.Auer(Sweden), P.Benedetti(Italy), G.Brugal(France), G.Burger(Germany), Y.Collan(Finland), C.J.Cornelisse(Netherlands), O.A.N.Husain(UK), A.Reith(Norway), F.Rilke(Italy), D.Rutovitz(UK), E.Sprenger(Germany), B.Stenkvist(Sweden), G.Valet(Germany), P.Viallet(France), L.Vindelov(Denmark), G.P.Vooijs(Netherlands). These scientists constituted the foundation council (1986-92).
The goal of the society is to promote the advancement of clinically oriented cytometry (medically oriented cell and tissue imaging).
The society organised congresses in:
6th Congress: Heidelberg 1999 (Günter Valet)
5th Congress: Oslo, Norway 1997 (Havard Danielsen, Albrecht Reith)
Sponsorship: Southampton, UK 1995 (CYTO95, together with Royal Microscopic Society (RMS), Günter Valet)
4th Congress: Grenoble, France 1994, (Gerard Brugal)
3rd Congress: Nijmegen, Netherlands 1992, (Peter Vooijs)
2nd Congress: Schloß Elmau, Germany 1989 (Georg Burger)
1st Congress: Schloß Elmau, Germany 1986 (Georg Burger)

Ploem Lecturers
6th Congr: C.Cornelisse, Leiden
5th Congr: G.Brugal, Grenoble
4th Congr: Th.Cremer, Heidelberg
3th Congr: J.Ploem, Leiden

Georg Burger Poster Awards (1. 500, 2. 375, 3. 250 Euro)
6th Congr: 1. T.Cheutin, Reims, 2. B.Nielsen, Oslo, 3. C.Post, Copenhagen, ACP 18:18,42,44(1999)
5th Congr:
4th Congr:
3rd Congr: Georg Burger, Munich acted as a major driving force towards ESACP foundation. He was ESACP secretary until the fatal accident shortly after the 3rd ESACP Congress in Nijmegen (ACP 4:III-VI,(1992))
Past Presidents:
Günter Valet, Martinsried, (1994-1999)
Alfred Böcking, Düsseldorf (1992-97)
Bjoern Stenkvist, Uppsala, (1989-94)
Peter Vooijs, Nijmegen (1986-92)
Past Secretaries:
Havard Danielsen, Oslo (1997-99)
Ian Ellis, Nottingham (1992-97)
Georg Burger, Munich (1986-92)
Past Treasurers:
Georg Feichter, Basel (1992-97)
Martin Oberholzer, Basel (1986-92)
The society journal: Analytical Cellular Pathology (ACP) was founded in 1989 by Gerard Brugal, Grenoble.

Gerard Brugal acted as ACP Editor-in-Chief between 1989 and 1998.
Co-editors in the earlier years (1989-95) were O.A.N. Husain, London, UK, J.S. Ploem, Leiden, Netherlands, G.L. Wied, St. Louis, MO, USA
The ACP Editorial Board between 1989-1998 was formed of:
J.T.A. Baak, Amsterdam, Netherlands
M. Cohen, Philadelphia, PA, USA
D.D.V. Coleman, London, UK
Y. Collan, Turku, Finland
T. Cremer, Heidelberg, Germany
C.J. Cornelisse, Leiden, Netherlands
I.O. Ellis, Nottingham, UK
J. Gray, San Francisco, CA, USA
P.A. Hall, Dundee, Scotland, UK
D. Hedley, Toronto, Canada
K. Kayser, Heidelberg, Germany
R. Kiss, Brussels, Belgium
K.D. Kunze, Dresden, Germany
O.D. Laerum, Bergen, Norway
C. Lundsteen, Copenhagen, Denmark
B.H. Mayall, San Francisco, CA, USA
G. Mazzini, Pavia, Italy
A. Mukawa, Ishikawa-Ken, Japan
M. Oberholzer, Basel, Switzerland
F.C.S. Ramaekers, Maastricht, Netherlands
A. Reith, Oslo, Norway
J.-P. Rigaut, Paris, France
F. Rilke, Milan, Italy
E. Schulte, Mainz, Germany
B. Stenkvist, Stockholm, Sweden
H. Tanke, Leiden, Netherlands
J. Tucker, Edinburgh, Scotland UK
G.K. Valet, Munich, Germany
P. Vooijs, Nijmegen, Netherlands
I.T. Young, Delft, Netherlands
D. Zahniser, Marlborough, MA, USA

Publisher is IOS-Press, Amsterdam since 1997 while Elsevier, Amsterdam published the journal between 1989-96.

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